A ‘powerful’ day

Interesting statistic for the day. The earth will need 30 terawatts of power by the year 2050. Which is actually nothing much since the sun gives us 120,000 terawatts of power. So, if we use just 1% of our land area to generate solar power at reasonable efficiency, we can get all out power needs from the sun.

My bet is this will happen to a reasonable extent, with India’s current massive thrust on Solar energy being a significant trigger. And if we do, the world will move to a long term trend of practically zero incremental cost for energy. (And Solar is not the only energy game where this seems to be happening).

Imagine a future in which practically all activities we do – from taking a flight to washing clothes to growing food – will have very little cost. It will be a different world.



Singularity (or more specifically Technological Singularity) is that point when humans create machines much smarter than themselves. And since this set of machines are very smart they will manage to create machines even smarter than them. And so on, till us poor human beings, are left far behind in an evolutionary cul de sac.

When will this happen? As usual, scientists differ. A few years ago some mathematicians developed a model that predicted Dec 21, 2012 as the date. In any case, nobody really seem to give it any time beyond the 21st century.

So, just in case you are getting stressed about gobal warming or running out of oil or the disintegration of the Family or anorexia or any of mankind’s current obsessions, take heart. None of this is likely to hurt us much – since most of these will soon be other people’s problems. Or rather other Machines’ problems.

We will be pretty much out of the game.