My Favourites

See that little man standing in one corner wiggling his fingers trying to get your attention? That is me.

Like all authors, I too have my personal favourites. Unfortunately, as is the case with some progeny, the creator’s undiluted enthusiasm is not often fully shared by the audience. Ambiguity raises its ugly head. And makes for an anxious parent, who needs to push those little ‘uns just a bit harder. Hey, there, these are also mine and they are pretty good too. Hey cant you see that? Hey…

So, in the best spirit of parenthood, here are my personal favorites from among all the posts here. As you will see, they are all great. Very well behaved and all that…


1 thought on “My Favourites

  1. Hi Hari

    Hope you are doing good. Got a chance to browse through your website today and it is WOW:-).

    Poonam(Rmbr …Shatabdi to Chennai?!?)

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