Sampath’s Mojito


Given that Bangalore has been blazing over the last fortnight, the idea to make the HIQ party one mostly built on Bacardi Mojitos turned out to be a good idea. Thanks to Sampath, the Manager (and a card carrying mixologist) at Senate where we had the do for the thought.

This drink that become trendy a few years ago is actually from Cuba, which immediately adds allure for me. Of course, the fact that it featured often in Sex & the City can be overlooked for the fact that Hemingway was the one to popularise it to the world.

And you know the best part. It is actually a very refreshing drink.

Cuba’s Castro in The History Channel

(Here is a quick video tour of Cuban cooking)

Saw an interesting program this aftenoon on Fidel Castro on The History Channel. A lot of it was extremely well done narrative that strung together myriad events in Cuba. However, towards the end, this english language program (presumably) made by Americans did something surprising. It took a short look at Castro’s positive legacy for Cuba – notably the high quality of healthcare and education available to almost everyone in Cuba. And then, the commentary made an effective point. Continue reading