The real internet cometh..

As I sat down for a very late breakfast in an apartment in Gurgaon a few days ago, up came the dhobi. He wanted my help in ‘internetion’, which I eventually interpreted as Internet. A beat-up old sony-ericsson phone was brought out, the internet icon clicked and we were away. Seems his Baba’s sermons are streamed live and he wanted to watch/listen.

Yes, the internet will start to take off soon in India. With the mobile phone all the big barriers to the internet will start to fall. The cost of the access device will be low and you will not need to read and that too in English. You can watch and listen to the internet on the phone. And that I think is what most Indians will do.

The Business of Life in the Mint Newspaper


Even though the formula is a bit too pat, I am a fan. The Mint is a business newspaper; a joint venture between our own Hindustan Times and the Wall Street Journal. It has a nice middle section called the “Business of Life’ which as the name suggests is less about business and more about ‘life’.

Elizabeth Eapen, the editor of this section in the paper called me the other day for a small piece. And since Elsa is a charming combination of wheedler, cajoler and a girl-school headmistress, I quickly complied. It has finally made it to the paper today in a Q&A avatar. Here is the link:–Take-off-your-shoe.html