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Weekend getaways from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata

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Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

All the recent brouhaha over Tibet brought to mind a trip I made way back in time, which took me to a place about 6 to 7 kilometers from the Tibetan (and therefore the Chinese) border with India. I was about 21 or 22 years old and had the onerous job as a trainee accountant of a ‘site visit’ to check accounts of a construction company building a dam across the Bhaba river in Kinnaur. (I got to really traverse our land as a trainee accountant – I would have of course preferred to do it as a trainee commando, but what the hell..).

So I got to base camp after running the gauntlet inside a Maruti Gypsy driven by the original mad driver across the thinnest of strips of mountain paths, euphemistically called a State Highway. The head of the Site was this middle aged engineer (‘general manager’) who had forsaken the comforts of routine family life for a nomadic existence in various project sites across the country. Later I found that these guys are dotted across the world in all project sites – an interesting sub-genus that thrives on the camaraderie, chaos and an extraordinary satisfaction of Creating you can sense in all ‘sites’.

I was there in summer and the weather was lovely – about 5 degrees, if I recollect right. Have you ever dipped your hand in the rushing, upstream water of a Himalayan river? Well, these guys dipped their beer bottles in the water for about 10 minutes and took out the coldest beer I have ever had (and that includes the beer I had while in a North Sea storm). Many egg bhurjis and beers down, I heard about the rigours of winter living in Kinnaur – how all the cabins would be snowed in every night and how the inhabitants had to light a fire inside the cabin to melt the snow outside to be able to push open the door. It was a man-thing that evening; a camaraderie so palpable you could cut it with a knife.

Next morning we set out for the ‘ice bridge’, a walk of about 3 hours across some of the most beautiful terrain I have ever wandered over. Slopes covered with green, soft grass. The occasional sight of small mountain ponies. A few houses in little villages far above or below. The ice bridge was a place where the snow from one mountainside had drifted down and passed over the river in between and had actually climbed up the mountain on the other side. So, you could walk down one mountain on the ice, walk across the river (you could hear the muted thunder of the water beneath the ice and far beneath your feet) and walk up the other mountain. And standing on the ice-bridge, I kid you not here, I actually heard the far away sound of a shepherd’s flute.

As I watched the Dalai Lama talk to Pranoy Roy last evening, I was reminded of my trip to the wonderful land of Kinnaur, Tibet’s closest neighbour in India.

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Experience Himachal Pradesh

Over the last few months, we have been trying to figure out a good way to present info that allows travellers to plan a visit to each Indian state. The problem is how do you plan a visit to a ‘multi-terrain’ state like Himachal (where all do you go, what do you look for etc) or a state like Kerala where there are very distinct aspects (backwaters, ayurveda, beaches..). Looks like we have cracked it. The new ‘Experience’ section that HolidayIQ has introduced for each state should help.

I am particularly smitten by the Experience Himachal Pradesh section, which the folks at HIQ Edit have decided to break-up into Hill-station experience, Trekking, Skiing, Buddhist Gompas in Lahaul Spiti, Camping & Wildlife. The ‘real-life’ intros are a nice touch. Check it out.

To find Experiences for any Indian state, select any state from here and then click on the ‘Experiences’ tab on top of the state page that loads up.

It is raining ski-villages

The Economic Times this morning carried a story on 2 new ski-villages being planned in Kashmir. These are in addition to the 2 already under implementation in Himachal Pradesh.

India is definitely one of the hottest countries on earth. So the idea of India having ski-slopes to rival the Alps seems kind 0f strange. Strange, but soon to become true.

It seems climate change is melting the ski slopes in the Alps and for aficionados, the only option soon to be left is the Himalayas.

Pakistan seems to be jumping into the act too – check out this video.