Song & Dance in Timbuctoo


(map courtesy CNN)

Off the beaten track, there are a number of interesting holiday opportunities peppered across the world. One such set are tours that revolve around music & dance. Here is a ‘music vacation’ that I found unusually fascinating:

Mali World Music Festival Tour (Festival Au Desert) : covering 15 days in Mali, the landlocked nation in West Africa, this tour takes you to one of the most intriguing music festivals anywhere – the 2 day music festival among the “Free people” (Tuaregs) deep in the african desert. In addition, you also get to hang around Mali’s main towns, one of which is Timbuktu (yes, there really is a Timbuktu).

(catch a Youtube video of mystic Tuareg chanting at the Mali fesitval, somewhere deep within the ocean of sand that is the African desert – video from oknomad)