Peri Peri sauce

Let me start with heresy. Chillies are not from India at all. They originated in South America and reached India and the rest of Asia through European traders, especially the Portuguese.

Nandos is the latest twist in that story of the migration of the chilli. Nandos is a ‘chicken restaurant’ chain from South Africa that has now spread across the world. Last month in Singapore, I visited their outlet in Bugis Junction. Nandos does a Portugese / Mozambique-an take on the chicken, which I must confess is a pretty good take on that humble bird. Chilli is a major part of that take.

Peri Peri sauce – found wherever Portuguese influences are found such as in Goa – is a key ingredient used by Nandos. It is a not-so-very scary chilli sauce made from an interesting combination of chillies, garlic, parsley, paprika and a few other goodies. And over time, it has morphed into multiple avatars which can be even be bought online. Or if you want to make it in your kitchen, here is a recipe.