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A scientist explores the mysteries of the gut-brain connection

Ayurveda has always had a fascinating view of food & well being; one of its tenets (for example) being that food made ‘happily’ was better than otherwise. As western science starts to apply its methods to questions such as this one – the gut/brain connection – one sees it converging with the wisdom developed over my centuries by Indic methods. The next 50 years are likely to be some of the most interesting in human understanding of ourselves

Another ‘Indo-Chinese’

(pic : jasongarner.com)

No, its not only Gobi Manchurian which mixes Indian & Chinese influences to produce a wonderfully crazy new thing. The hallowed Shaolin Temple in China is another one of these experiments that went well.

The Shaolin temple, arguably the greatest of China’s martial arts legacies, was built by an Indian buddhist monk, Buddhabhadra. The specialised martial arts of Shaolin (Shaolin Kung Fu) was developed there by another Indian buddhist monk called Bodhidharma.

This is another interesting piece of history that helps trace the development of asian martial arts to its primary source : Kalaripayattu of Kerala.

To know more of the Indian origins of the Shaolin Temple, go to the official website


The tribes that created the West..

What strikes me about the sheer mediocrity of opinion being expressed about Donald Trump by the ‘mainstream’ is the singular focus on the man Trump & almost a total lack of observation on the distinctly larger theme at play.

Amidst all of the junk written on the subject, here is a thoughtful piece that attempts to understand the big picture.

A ‘powerful’ day

Interesting statistic for the day. The earth will need 30 terawatts of power by the year 2050. Which is actually nothing much since the sun gives us 120,000 terawatts of power. So, if we use just 1% of our land area to generate solar power at reasonable efficiency, we can get all out power needs from the sun.

My bet is this will happen to a reasonable extent, with India’s current massive thrust on Solar energy being a significant trigger. And if we do, the world will move to a long term trend of practically zero incremental cost for energy. (And Solar is not the only energy game where this seems to be happening).

Imagine a future in which practically all activities we do – from taking a flight to washing clothes to growing food – will have very little cost. It will be a different world.

A Bangladesh story

A very small child at the time in a faraway little town in India, I have had only a faint awareness of the Bangladesh war of independance of 1971 & its incredible human cost. Recently trawling through Youtube, I stumbled upon this compelling documentary of that event. In particular go to 10:51 of the video to watch the poignant story of one man, who as a young boy lived through the massacre of his family. Now I understand the burning desire in Bangladesh to bring war criminals of that time to justice.

Singapore Airlines in India

The Singapore Airlines group now has 5 brands in play in India, 4 of them for international travel & 1 (Vistara) for domestic travel. Here is a table that summarises my sense of their brand / offerings strategy for international flights:

Traveller From Metro city From Smaller city
Well heeled traveller Singapore Airlines Silk Air
Budget Traveller Scoot Tiger Air