On a recent flight back from Delhi, there was a small mix up in getting my web checkin done on time, which led me to be seated in one of the rear rows of the plane. And to my surprise, found a different and interesting world there.

The rear of Indigo flights seem to have people who dont do web checkin. They have kids, large family groups, old couples, first time air travellers and all those people who dont seem to have a blase air of the ‘been-there-done-that’ traveller. I actually found it really refreshing, especially the slightly awestruck wonder that air travel can induce before you get jaded by too much of it.

Took me back in time to my very first flight. I was a gawky youngster on a long hopping old Indian Airlines flight going from one of India’s southernmost small towns to the bright lights of Delhi – the family was moving there and I was a jumble of excitement and trepidation. And I still remember the sense of wonder of that flight.

Although I do remember sitting on one of the forward seats for that journey, I can fully understand what the rest of my fellow passengers felt sitting at the rear of the Indigo flight last week. It was that exact same mix of excitement and trepidation that mark all true wonder.

I love the world of travel!


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