Online music is here

This is one of the better things to happen for Travellers. As I wait for another delayed flight at Bangalore airport the magic of online music hits me. Switching between Saavn (the online Indian music service funded by Tiger) and TuneIn Radio (a worldwide selection of internet radio stations) I am definitely spoilt for choice.


6 thoughts on “Online music is here

      • I have iPad but it’s version 1 and it doesn’t have 3G option but I have an iPhone 4 but l keep songs preloaded. 3G is improving but it’s still very costly. At Bangalore airport I use free wi-fi provided by tata.

      • Agree. 3G cost is a real issue and accessing wifi wherever available is definitely the way to go. I now find a number of business hotels, especially in south east asia, offer free wifi which is brilliant.

      • I was in Goa last year and I was looking for a hotel with free Internet but no one was giving in free even they were charging 50 Rs. per hour. If you can find the information of which hotel has free internet access and give a filter to search by free internet on it will bring good traffic to site.

        As i user it could be a decision make for me when i would choose hotel.

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