Caricom Visa

“What is this visa – I have never seen it before” – it was this chance remark from the Visa officer at the American Embassy that made me realise that the Caricom visa that I had got for attending the Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean in 2007 was pretty unique.

Wikipedia tells me that this was a special visa issued jointly by a number of Caribbean countries which was valid only for the period around the cricket world cup. So, it is a visa not likely found on many Passports. Made me feel nice – not sure why though.


1 thought on “Caricom Visa

  1. The Caricom Visa came about from a decision of the Caricom heads of States in order to manage the arrivals of fans throughout the Cricket World Cup finals. It’s purpose was to increase efficiency of processing arrivals and minimizing queue times. Indeed you had every right to feel special as you were! However, it should be noted that Visas are still a requirement for visiotrs coming from certain countries and they should always check with their travel agents or consulate offices before travelling. Should you or any of your readers want to find out more on Caribbean Holidays, feel free to visit us at where we have gathered a great deal of information on all our lovely destinations.

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