The India Government Company Limited

A few months ago, the United States Supreme Court held that Corporations have the same right as human beings in America, albeit in the narrow context of the right to give political donations. Does look to me like the thin edge of the wedge.

If this trend were to catch on in other ‘liberal democracies’ (parantheses to emphasise that I am applying this idea to India, ridiculous as it might seem at times), we might soon have companies running for public office. And then soon after, Infosys running Karnataka, HDFC Maharashtra and Reliance or CII pretty much everything else. Come to think of it, Nandan Nilekani implementing a major public policy mandate in India is obviously an acceptance of the superior efficiency that can be brought to bear on Governanance by a top-notch private sector manager. From that point, jumping to total governance by a corporation by might not be as outlandish as it seems now.

Flash News, circa 2026 : The India Government Company Ltd jointly set up by India’s 50 leading businessmen has just announced its IPO in 18 stock exchanges across the world, including the one recently launched on the moon.


One thought on “The India Government Company Limited

  1. Here in Poland is, unfortunately, is far different corporations are over and the other rights than the individuals we are far from no to America-unfortunately

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