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I get asked this question by all kinds of people, mostly by those who have not yet had a chance to use Obviously I tell them many wonderful things about the hotel reviews we get on the site and the travel photos and videos and…

Here is excellent thread I found on the HolidayIQ forum which I guess answers this question better than any guff I might dish out 🙂

tour to Sringar and surroundings from Jammu

Postby Kripa Shankar Mani on Thu May 06, 2010 9:13 am

We my wife son daughter-inlaw and two grandsons aged 5 and 3 years) are planning to have a vacation in Srinagar (Kashmir). 

We are planning to start our Journey from Jammu Tawi on 14th June and from there we would head to Srinager by road.

As this is the 1st time we are going to kashmir we would like to visit all the major places of interest there.

Initially I thougth to go to srinagar by my own self driven car but it seems that the journey would be too long and that we would also waste 2 days one reaching to Jammu and One Coming Back From Jammu.

Do not wish to Catch flight directly to Srinager as we would miss the scenic beauty of the area.

Please help me in finalising my plans :

1. Days in Hand between 8 to 12
2. Budget No as such Budget allocated as yet
3. Hotel Preference : No Hi Fi Hotel, Just nice Bed and Breakfast Type.
4. Travelling – by car which should be on our disposal throught from pick up to dropping at Jammu Railway Station.

Would also like to have an idea from fellow imer’s that what should be my Travel Schedule so that the trip could be a memorable one.

Some further questions are :

1. What budget should I consider for the Trip.

2. Are plenty of Taxis available, is there a relaible type of a car rental provider in Jammu or Srinager who can be contacted. what would be the approximate cost of hiring a Taxi for a day.

3. What should be our Travel plans for Road Trip from Jammu to Srinager, where to stop, where to eat and which Hotel to Stay.

4. Which all destination should we go. and which area are safe in Srinagar.

5. Can someone provide the telephone number of some good hotel in Patni top, Srinager, Jammu, Pahagaon, Gulmarg, Boat House, Driver/ Taxi wala, and ofcourse a guide, to get best of the rip.

Any Suggestions/ Amendment and advice would be greatly appreciated.

K.S. Mani Tripathi

Kripa Shankar Mani
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Re: tour to Sringar and surroundings from Jammu

Postby vasudevan on Thu May 06, 2010 10:37 am

dear mani tripathy,let me give some info.
1)budget i wud put aside rs 1500/- per day for food, rs 5000/-for two rooms per night,
2)taxis r plenty available ,it wud be best to hire a SUV from jammu itself for the entire trip.try ur local contacts.
3) yes it wud be foolish to go by air ,the NH1 to srinagar includung the jawahar tunnel is not be missed’
4)i suggest following itenary day 1)drive down to srinagar takes 12 hrs, try reaching b4 8pm.
day2/3/4 ) stay at a boathouse the local people/ houseboat owner will giude u .
day5/6 stay at a nearby lodge in nehru park area visit gulmarg n saffron gardens’
day7) drive down to patni top for a overnight stay unwind with the sheer majestic trees
day8) drive to katra ,walk up to vaishnow devi, evenings r better as day is too hot,TIP-DO NOT LINGER ON TOP TO CATCH UR BREATH,just walk down immedtly and relax in your room’ 

re room bookings try to do it at jktdc cottages etc ,they r ok n easy on d wallet the patni top cottages were simply superb we stayed at at boathouse called ZIGMALAY . and had a lovely time.

throuhout the only jarring note for our 10 day holiday was the abbysymal hygiene at the roadside dhabas. u will need delhi winter clothing during nights

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Re: tour to Sringar and surroundings from Jammu

Postby raju on Sat May 08, 2010 5:33 pm

You may hire a taxi from Jammu,for entire trip.
One taxi from Jammu to Srinagar. Hire another one at Srinagar taxi stand.Local drivers,government declared rates that are displayed on board.You can get ‘at your disposal ‘ type taxis.
My experience with JKTDC hotels was good. I will advice you to go for it.
Srinagar :Himal & deluxe houseboat
Pahalgam & Gulmarg : cotteges…..very good.
Don’t miss Chandanwari & Aru valley from Pahalgam 

Everywhere make it a point to visit JKTDC office to find out official rates for taxis & horses & any area specific activities.If you don’t…they will quote ANYTHING.
Jammu to Srinagar has now become rather barren. Don’t carry any impressions from old hindi movies,that all is lost.

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Re: tour to Sringar and surroundings from Jammu

Postby Prasenjit on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:02 pm

We just returned 4 days back touring Srinagar and surroundings…You take a note of a Qualis Car driver who was very courteous and helpful..his name is Irshad Khan 09419927179 . His rates are cheaper than the stand rates. Hotels vary from 650/- to 5000/-…try hotels inside lanes opposite to Dal Lake or house boat 800/- to 4000/-. We stayed in Pinafore for 1000/- a room but the owner is too rough, just beware! On the last night we stayed in Shalimar Hotel rate is 700/- but carry your towels, they dont provide. Its also on Dal Lake but not house boat.
Gulmarg pony rides are 600/- each. Gondolas(cable car) are 300+500=800/- I personally feel gondolas a comfortable ride. The people would discourage you in all means not to take gondalas. Do not give your ears! Veg breakfast is cheap so are the lunch/dinner. We are non-veg, as a result we paid through our nose! ….but we enjoyed the kashmiri cuisine.
We could not be at Sonmarg due to bad weather but did local sight-seeing. Pehalgam was too good,..Rs.2000/- by Qualis. Also Chandanbari…by Sumo its Rs.650/- We stayed at Noor Mahal for Rs.1200/- per day. Food available is Veg but they helped us in buying the world famous TROUT fish available there Rs.200/- a kilo. Volga Restaurant was too good.
3 days in Srinagar(1-local, 2-Gulmarg, 3-Shoppings…its cheap here, visit to the wholesale emporium..they are very cheap and much larger variety) 2 days in pehelgam…I think you would be able to cover much and return tired!
Give your findings upon your return. Take Care

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