As India’s outbound travel booms (tourists, students, family….), murmurs of racism are becoming louder. Recent events in Australia have amplified it.

On the limited data of personal experience I have noticed a trend across most parts of the ‘western’ world. Older people, usually above 50 years are more likely to operate on the basis of ‘race’. Younger people, at least in my experience, have tended to be less race-concious.

Race is the most visible aspect of difference between people. And, when there is ‘difference’, there is likely to be ignorance about each other. And in that ignorance I guess lies fear and aggression. All of which ends up as Prejudice.

These days, young people across the world are exposed to a lot more information at a much younger age. They travel much more and watch television that beams from across the world (if you have sons as I do, you will probably know how much the Japanese have invaded popular imagination among kids – this in sharp contrast to the almost exclusively anglo-saxon cultural influences in my childhood) . It is possible that these youngsters feel the ‘difference’ a lot less than the older people.

Racism as we know it will gradually go away. To me, it simply seems to be a matter of time.


One thought on “Racism

  1. I really believe it is your experience (travel and dealing with other races) and area ( herd mentality) you live rather age. Most of my friends or acquaintances are other races -Hispanic, black and Persian and I am over 50.

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