Duty Free Scam at Bangkok airport

Since I am transiting again through Bangkok in the next few days, a friend of mine who lives in the region alerted me to a scam that has been reported from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport.

Evidently, sales people in some of the duty free shops are likely to unobtrusively slip in an item that you have not purchased, into your bag. As soon as you step out of the shop, the police are called in and you get ‘arrested’. The only way out of this apparently is to pay a hefty bribe all around.

I do not know whether this is true. But I guess it certainly pays to be watchful..




4 thoughts on “Duty Free Scam at Bangkok airport

  1. yes, this is true…just be on high alert if u are in the shop. Some Thais think their country and their king is the best, but it is a shitty place in many ways. Don ‘t pick up anything if u don’t plan to buy it too, another scam is to accuse u of trying to steal it. A Cambridge professor got caught in this one, it was on the BBC. So be wary of the Thai duty free!

  2. I had heard about this..and read in some news papers..So i was very careful on my recent trips to US and back via several airports
    This can happen in middle ease airports too

  3. My Son,Hari S Nair,graduated from Kerala Uty,
    Had his PGDM from IIM Cal. and joined KPMG
    He tried to fool me when he sent me a news item
    saying that Hari Nair ,Director ,KPMG resigned
    to start the Travel related activity
    His only dream is to start something in trave and trekkijng too.

  4. I wouldnt be surprised if that was true at all. I imagine it would be a lot worse in the middle east airports but im not sure.
    Never heard about that at the chiang mai airport but its pretty small.

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