Getting a portrait from Hemant B Bhavsar

I got the following email today. Check it out.

This e-mail is for Hon. Sir Shri Hari Nair Ji ( Founder & CEO, HolidayIQ, India ). Please convey my e-mail to him.

Hon. Sir Shri Hari Nair Ji,

I am an artist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. My name is Hemant .B. Bhavsar. I make paintings since last 35 years. I am specialist in making portrait paintings. Hon. Sir, I am a professional portrait artist. I sell my portrait paintings to World Celebrities like Hon. Sir Mr. Bill Gates ( Chairman, Microsoft ), Hon. Sir Mr. George W Bush ( President of USA ), HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al – Maktaum ( Crown Prince, Dubai ), Leading industrialists of India like Hon. Sir Dr. Vijay Mallya ( Chairman, UB Group ), Hon. Sir Mr. Malvinder Singh ( Chairman, Ranbaxy Labs. ), Hon. Sir Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla ( Chairman, Aditya Birla Group ),Hon. Finance Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram Ji ( Home Minister, India ), etc….

Hon. Sir, I select the celebrity to make portrait painting. I study about the celebrity. I have studied about you on Internet. Really, I have been very much pleased to read your achievements. I found your photograph from internet. Finally, i have made your live & classic portrait painting. The size of your painting is 30″ x 20″. Your painting is with golden royal frame. Hon. Sir, i want to sell your portrait painting to you. The cost of your portrait painting is Rs. 12,500. This cost includes golden frame & courier charge. You have to pay after receiving the painting at your address & only if you are satisfied with it. I am sure that you will definitely appreciate your portrait painting.

Hon Sir, Frankly i want to tell you that your painting is my favorite painting because the eyes & the expressions on your face in your painting are very live & classic. This is canvas oil painting & it is durable for not only lifetime but for generations. It is my humble request to you to kindly e-mail me your address to send your painting.

Hon. Sir, I request you to kindly see my website. You can see my profile & portrait paintings in it.

with kind regards,
Hemant Bhavsar
( Portrait Artist )
14,Kirtikunj Soc, O/s shahpur gate,Dudheshvar road,
Ahmedabad – 4,Gujarat, India.

Now, this is what in hebrew is referred to as Chutzpah. And we in India call Gujarati enterprise.

Given that :

I am being equated with Bill Gates,
and, that it costs me only 12k to be in such exalted company,
and, that for 12k I am going to also get a ‘golden royal frame’

It all sounds truly wonderful.

I have no option but to go for it.


3 thoughts on “Getting a portrait from Hemant B Bhavsar

  1. Hi

    as is with most discoveries, your site was unexpected,delightful and wonderfully deliciously quirky.i have been greedily devouring it for the past hour or so,my suppossed research and a supposed deadline completely relegated to the dimmest recesses of my brain.and i just couldnt resist posting this comment and ask ” how was the painitng of the hon shri shri hari nair ji”?. christ i already feel my self turning into the whirling dervishes just typing out the shri shri bit. 🙂
    it was wonderful reading up on your posts. i know i will keep following up on them.


  2. Prabha – Welcome to my blog – and of course, it is lovely to hear all those kind words. Please do visit often, although I update this blog a lot less frequently than I would want to.

    Unfortunately, I have not yet got around to getting the portrait from Mr Bhavsar 🙂

  3. Interestingly, I had received an email from the same artist Mr. Hemant Bhavsar in 2005. At that time I had plans to start an online shop so I did not delete it. Today while rearranging my inbox (which I do every few years) I noticed this email and out of curiosity I googled the name of this artist and ended up on few websites where he has displayed his work.

    I have to tell that work is truly amazing and is very talented. I do not know you Mr. Hari Nair but now because of this artist I know you and realized that you are a celebrity.

    Well wish you all the best with your business and I am pretty sure that you must be doing great because this seems your passion and I think you should buy this paint.


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