Hooptedoodle 3 : Cosmo sounds

in which I promised to tuck away all things not tourism, not travel, not food & likely not of interest…

A couple of months ago I achieved the dubious distinction of becoming the last person in urban India to subscribe to Worldspace.

For those of you who have been training for a Mars mission for the last 3 years and missed out on earthbound news, Worldspace is a worldwide satellite radio that has got a huge number of subscribers in India.

I have a pretty catholic taste in music. And Worldspace indulges me no end, which I love. I close the day on either the Hindustani Classical or the Urdu channel – amazing soporifics, incidentally. And the first light of dawn (8 am or thereabouts to be more exact) brings up Shruti, the Carnatic channel. As the day progress, I then move from Country to International Amore to Classical Rock and on to Hindi flim music till I complete the circle, back in the capable hands of kishori amonkar or ghulam ali.

Religion, Spirituality and Science meet in a unique consensus on the primacy of sound in Creation – whether it is the Aum of Hinduism or the Big Bang of Physics.  And the thing that we call Music is simply the arrangement of sounds that connect us to those mysterious forces that gave us our Life.


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