View of Dubai from a helicopter

Anshul & Rashi took their 5 year old up in a helicopter over Dubai. It costs US$ 800 for a 30 minute (max. 5 adults) and they say it is well worth it. Here is some of what they saw. Check it out the next time you are in Dubai.

A Dubai Panorama

The Burj Al Arab & Jumeirah beach Hotel

The Burj Dubai on its way to becoming the world’s tallest building

Cranes over Hotel Atlantis

Click on for a few more photos.

Dubai Marina

More of Dubai Marina

Hotel Atlantis

Jumeirah Islands

Palm Jumeirah

‘The World’ under construction


8 thoughts on “View of Dubai from a helicopter

  1. Hari
    What makes Dubai tourism tick, shopping aside ?
    You have 40+ temperatures half the year and high prices as well – and yet Europeans seem to flock here.

    I have a personal reason for asking, our younger son left for Dubai 4 weeks after he graduated and he says he found work there and says they are paying him well .

    What gives ?

  2. Can you please tell me which operator was used for $800, Aerogulf are coming in at almost $900 now and I wish to book consider the booking, there are just 3 of us, my wife 6 year old son and myself. But, I understand the price is per flight no matter whether there is 1 person or 5 persons. thanks for your help.

  3. Colin, we too had used AeroGulf. The price then (March 2008) was AED3,200/- Some increase since then is possible – given the big rise in oil price. One way to reduce your cost is to locate another couple interested in the ride. Also, you need not book too much in advance. A short notice (couple of days) would be adequate.

  4. Dubai has been portrayed in many different views but these photos are aboslutely captivating. It’s incredible how quickly the landscape changes for this magnificent city and I truly look forward to what is being planned for the near future.

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