What is your HolidayIQ? – sneak preview of the travel game on Orkut

HolidayIQ has developed a Travel game called “Your HolidayIQ” which is now live on Orkut. It is designed to help you test how smart a holiday-goer you are. It can be accessed using the link below.


This is a game where the application gives out a tourism destination name and the player tries to point it on the India map within 10 seconds and gets reward points based on your accuracy. The better your tourism geography knowledge, the more points you get.

Since this is a first-cut beta version and is still work-in-progress, there will be some bugs. If you come across any errors, do let me know – I have already found a few places mapped wrong, which we are setting right. But do let me know if you notice any.

Incidentally, just in case any of you have escaped having an Orkut log-in till now, you can use your gmail id to log in. Happy playing.


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