Headlines from the Sunday Mail, Cyprus – June 22, 2008

Local media is often an excellent window to a place (ie. the real place, not the artificial world inside a hotel or in tourist traps) and if you have the luxury of travelling to a country that has English media, never miss the chance to riffle through its papers & mags. Here are a few headlines I found in the Sunday paper while in Cyprus.

Deep in Debt to beat the prices – Crisis, what crisis? Cypriots just keep on spending away

A story on how the general gloom in Europe does not seem to be getting to the sunny Cypriots who seem to be merrily borrowing loads of dough to keep at it.

Under the knife : men going the extra mile for their looksFrom nose jobs and hair removal to weight loss procedures, more and more young men are opting for surgery, but beware, it might not be for you…

Dr Andreas Chimonides, the plastic surgeon says ” you would be surprised at just how many men I treat this way”. Girls, Cyprus is hunk-heaven; visit it. Having said that, the girls are’nt too bad either.

Arty Landmark or eyesore: Should Big Mac stay put? Unwieldy and out of proportion it may be, but the statue of Makarios in Nicosia has become a real tourist attraction.

What with Gandhigiri the rage in our land, this seems to be the season to get all affectionate with the father of the nation, in this case the Reverend Archbishop Makarios. But, is ‘Big Mac’ taking it a bit too far? The story is about mixed views on shifting a very big statue of the big man.

Who really owns your home? Whether the house you bought is really yours depends on the procedures you followed when you signed the contract with the developer.

Evidently, Real Estate Developers in Cyprus have the same flexibility of character they have in ours.

Shhhh! Quiet copulation key for female chimpsThey cry out during sex to attract nearby males, but keep quiet when other females are around

So, finally the incontrovertible proof is in. We are descended from the apes. And it took the Sunday Mail in Cyprus to let us in on it.

and so it went. A lot of it sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


One thought on “Headlines from the Sunday Mail, Cyprus – June 22, 2008

  1. Interesting headlines I must say… 🙂 We all learn something new everyday (no matter how delayed we are with the news) ^^

    What caught my eye was that you mentioned how Cyprus is hunk-heaven… so then, why do many Cypriot men have to go under the knife for aesthetic enhancement?

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