More on Dubai

There has been much ado about planning for urban India in the last few years. My recent visit to Dubai has convinced me that City building is an enterprise that is mostly about Building. Build great physical infrastructure that makes life easy for people and they will come in large numbers to live, work and play. The Rulers of Dubai have worked on this simple premise and you can see a veritable ‘rising from the desert’. You might sniff at its lack of ‘culture’ or its overall sense of the nouveau-riche, but you cannot take away from its success. As an Aussie Dubai-lover told me, there are a large number of hard-working folk here and Dubai gives us a great place to live & work in. He was telling me off for my slightly sneering tone, and well deserved it was. I might or might not want to live in Dubai. But it is undeniably on its way to becoming one of mankind’s success stories of the early 21st century.


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