Dubai after 15 years

I was last in Dubai before it went beserk, about 15 years ago. As I write this post, sitting at the Jumeriah Beach hotel facing the Burj Al Arab, it is pretty clear that the madness here has some kind of a faintly discernible method. The method is, build fast, build more and build the mostest and they will come. And, so far, it seems to be working. Which beats me. Who in the right sense would want to go to the muggy water’s edge of the Arabian desert that is completely built up like Gurgaon? A lot of people apparently. After all, Gurgaon is at the edge of the Thar desert and the Arabian desert is a BIGGER desert. As usual, Dubai triumphs!


5 thoughts on “Dubai after 15 years

  1. Never been to Dubai 15 years ago, but I went last summer and was just shocked at the amount of construction / development in a desert! It looks amazing! I saw the Burj Dubai from as close as I could get at the time because it was surrounded by other developments too! So cool it would be to look there again in 5 years when they have their indoor skiing as well!!

  2. Folks, lease explain to me how Dubai tourism works ?
    I live in Southern California where both hype and spin used to go to die.
    Now it lives next door in lives Las Vegas – where spin merges into real – and nobody can tell the difference

    How does Dubai sell their tourism and who buys ?

  3. “Southern California where both hype and spin used to go to die”. Avira – Dunno whether your wife knows this. But I detect a subversive poet under the hood there. Dangerous. 🙂

    Now, to address how Dubai Tourism works. Like all good Tourism, I suspect. Slick hype & great spin, yes. But pretty good delivery on the ground too. Having got the badge of honour of a big city by achieving grid-lock traffic jams during rush hour, they are working on an elevated rail system. Stuff like that is ‘delivery’, me thinks.

  4. How Dubai sell their tourism and who buys? Well, it’s one of those places you hear about all the time being oil rich and construction hungry. I can’t help but to stumble across pictures such as these ..

    Their shopping is so so good, temperatures touching 50° in summer, it has a desert, the worlds tallest building, soon to have the worlds biggest airport, worlds only 7 star hotel, largest man made islands for property – i think it sells itself!

  5. Hi Locksley – welcome to my blog. Well, ‘temperatures touching 50 degrees’ is less of a blessing seen from here… 🙂

    But the general point you make is indeed valid.

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