A first visit to Cyprus

Cyprus has for long been on my list of places to visit. This Eastern Mediterranean island is at the confluence of Europe, Asia & Africa and so geographically is at a clearly fascinating place. And as is inevitable with such Geography, the history is pretty interesting too. The Turks, The Cypriots and The Greeks have been fighting over this piece of land for a very long time and I am told, scars of all of these battles remain.

Of course, given that Cyprus was a British Colony till 1955, it is a big destination for English tourists seeking Sun.

I have my visa done and tickets & hotel booked for a short visit to Cyprus.

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4 thoughts on “A first visit to Cyprus

  1. Recently I holidayed in Cyprus and I must say, it made a difference having the freedom of a car, we hired one for two weeks and saw so much more, we saved quite a bit of time and convenience getting here and moving on. Lovely place, my partner and I are thinking of coming back.

  2. I am living in Limassol, Cyprus and have been here for the last 7 years.

    I fell in love with Cyprus on my first visit in 1985 and came back for holidays many times over the next 19 years.

    Me and my husband married in Paphos in 1999 and that was the icing on the cake ready for our big adventure. We started to make plans for dates ahead and here we are, living the dream!

    Thank you for sharing your posts and pictures.

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