More Goa photos from Nagesh Acharya

Nagesh, the engineer turned photographer + cinematographer has been at it again. Photographing Goa in between a hectic schedule of shooting a movie there. Here are some of his recent snaps – click on any snap to see it in full size glory.

If you would like to ask Nagesh any questions or leave him a message, please use the comments box in this post – I will forward it to him.

Baga beach

Canacona beach

Canacona beach from Nagesh Acharya

Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island

See the rest of Nagesh’s uber cool Goa snaps..

Honeymoon island – Canacona

Honeymoon Island, Canacona, Goa

Honeymoon Island, Canacona, Goa

Honeymoon island, Canacona, Goa

Baga Beach

Retreat on beaga beach, goa

View from Chapora Fort, Goa

View from Chapora fort

Here is the link to Nagesh’s brilliant snaps of St Mary’s Island near Udupi in karnataka.


10 thoughts on “More Goa photos from Nagesh Acharya

  1. Hey Murugesan – welcome to my blog. As a rule, I don’t give out email ids. But no worries. I have sent your request and id to Nagesh who will (hopefully!) get in touch with you.

  2. Hi, welcome to The Long Hol. Sure, you can use the snaps as long as you put them in a smaller, thumb-nail size & give prominent links back to my page along with credits.

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