Movies over the weekend

Balan, the barber in the one-horse village of Melekavu is the protagonist of the Malayalam movie (Kathaparayumbol – ‘when the story is said…’) that I saw over the weekend. Loved it. The story of a little man who wants to lead a simple & happy life circumscribed by the lines of common decency and humility. And how, a modern world, strident in its search for instant fame & fortune hassles the poor guy. Scripted with wonderful comic timing and performed with real prowess – both by Sreenivasan. Like all great comedies, it is the thread of pathos just beneath the surface that really elevates it. If you get to see it, go for it. If you cannot understand Malayalam, take a mallu along for translation. Or try for a sub-titled version. Either way, I guarantee you, you will enjoy it. Or you could wait for its hindi version, although going by past track-record, I would not recommend it. Titled “Billoo Barber”, the Hindi version has Amisha Patel (for God’s sake!) playing the barbers wife.

UTV’s new channel, World Movies is another source for good films. Over the last week, i watched a Japanese movie, Hana & Alice, in bits & pieces and never got around to watching it through. An interesting movie set in urban japan, it is a simple story of two school-girls, childhood friends and how one of them falls in love. Nothing dramatic, but fun. And for someone who has never been to japan, but is kind of obsessed with it, this was riveting stuff.

Movies are an interesting window to the world.


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