Sehwag’s mom & cross-cultural differences

One of the interesting aspects of travel is the antenna it gives you to spot peculiar differences that exist across cultures.

A few days ago, Virender Sehwag an Indian cricketer hit a lot of runs in a cricket match and I was reminded of his test debut a number of years ago. He scored a hundred runs in his very first test match which for those few who dont know much about the game, is a very big thing in Cricket.

As soon as he made the century, Sehwag was asked whom he would dedicate this effort to (as journalists are wont to do – if I ever make a century and am asked, I will say ‘me’; which is probably why I will never make one and never get asked). Anyway, Mr Sehwag dutifully replied, ‘my mother’ and actually called her up from South Africa which made prime time news in India.

Now, this I find curious. If the same thing had happened to young lads in most other countries, they would have immediately dedicated it to their latest girlfriend and set about checking out other prospects too.

An uncharitable explanation is that Indian men are mama’s boys and cannot get over that even when they are strapping men & hit test centuries. Another explanation is that the Indian middle class is dutiful. The third is that we are hypocrites. The fourth, of course, is that ‘we are like that only’.


One thought on “Sehwag’s mom & cross-cultural differences

  1. Ha, ha! That’s exactly the point, we are like that only! A mix of old values showing up in the most unlikely places and of course, a little dose of hypocracy too!

    If, like me, you are an old Amitabh Bachhan fan, this would remind you of Deewar’s famous dialog, “Mere paas ma hai!”, which would otherwise sound quite corny.

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