The alchemy of sound, the language of the world

(The sound of the Australian aboriginal ‘Didgeridoo’ – from Youtube) 

Goofing off after lunch, I reached Youtube and got into a music-y mood. Wandered through a live version of Sultans of Swing by Knopfler & Clapton, peeked at a Garfunkel number and ended up at an old live concert video of Kishore Kumar.

What is it about Music? Music changes everything. It energises, it touches, it saddens. It makes you reflect, it helps you remember an old flame, it makes you want to jump into a pool, it puts you to sleep. What is this thing called Sound and what is this amazing stuff called Music?

You cannot touch it, you cannot see it, but you sure can feel it. This most primordial of life’s manifestations, the ‘aum’ that triggered life, this astonishing thing called sound. And, set in a particular sequence, it has the power to elevate you, transport you, destroy you. That is music.

There is a kind of hush, all over the world…, sang Karen Carpenter many years ago. But for me, more than ‘a hush’, there is music all over the world. Which is one of the best reasons to wander around. Tuaregs string their sounds in one way, the aborigines in Australia another way, the Khmers yet another way  and the Latvians a completely different way. But whichever way they sequence it, the result is always arresting. That is music and it is clearly the language of the world.

If you want to take a music vacation, Click here>>


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