Mallu food at Claypot in Thippassandra in Bangalore


(A surreal snap of a mallu ‘sadya’, I found on Flickr – click here for the original)

So you are looking for authentic kerala food in Bangalore. And you want a clean, not fancy place that serves you great food and no attitude. Check out Claypot, the tiny little mallu joint on Rama Temple Road in the midst of the crowded Thippassandra locality just off Indira Nagar in the eastern part of the city. Once there, ask for Benny and say I sent you. Should get you a warm smile. Keeping the determinedly socialist approach of the Mallu, knowing a big kahuna will not change anything else at the place for you – the food will remain the same as for everyone else. Which is good, because the food everyone gets is great.

My personal recommendation is to land up for lunch and to get yourself a mallu ‘meals’ (it is always said in the plural – anyone asking for a mallu ‘meal’ is either a serial-killer or a capitalist or both). Ask for a crab masala or prawn ‘thoran’ – if you can handle tons of lovely grated coconut – and mackerel fry. Say thanks to your God and tuck in.


5 thoughts on “Mallu food at Claypot in Thippassandra in Bangalore

  1. that is great!
    Last time I saw a couple of Germans enjoying a Sadya after a marriage ceremony at
    Trivandrum.I was sitting directly opposite to them
    They ate every morsel served..including the chilly pickles – 5 of them -complete drum sticks in the sambar and aviyal and all the curry leaves.
    One man serving the sadya came to me..worried
    He wanted me to tell those Germans not to eat the leaves!!!

  2. I Love Kerala State. Because all are very beautiful and charming. All persons have good knowledge. Especially kerala ladies are very cute, polite and human nature.

    Kerala food items are very tasty and strength.

    With Love,

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