Adam Baron’s photo of St Lucia, Caribbean

I was in St Lucia in the Caribbean last April on a cruise ship from Barbados. While I fell in love with the place, I did not have a snap that did justice. I found one. Here it is.

St Lucia and the Pitons

There are a number of cool snaps of cruise ships and the Caribbean (including the one above in a big format) on this site : Adam Baron Photo.

Click here for my first post on St Lucia : the only place I truly want to go away to forever.


4 thoughts on “Adam Baron’s photo of St Lucia, Caribbean

  1. The photo is incredible. I am planning to be in St.Lucia in the end of April. However; I had been reading and hearing about how dangerous it is in and around Soufrie. You were there recently had you heard of any crimes against tourists and were there areas that should be avoided. What would you recommend. Thanks

  2. I was there last year and visited the island over just one day – went with one of the accredited taxi drivers from the Cruise Terminal, who was quite knowledgeable and helpful. On the second day, we were watching the cricket world cup. I was not given an special alert relating to safety in St Lucia and we did not have any bad experience. Of course, all usual precautions should apply. Late-night wandering without a group or without local contact might not be such a good idea, for instance.

    Have a great time there.

  3. Although I suspect this photo has been touched up on photoshop (especially the blue of the sea), it really is a lovely & dreamlike and sometimes surreal-looking place.

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