Google searches to find me..

Google – the ominpotent & ominpresent, brings a lot of people to my blog. A few of them get there searching for, shall I say, rather refreshingly different phrases. Here are a few such search phrases that got in this month (yes, they do find me somehow), all of which gave me a few minutes of innocent fun.

  • ‘best indian food for seduction’
  • ‘kid’s map of serengeti’
  • ‘who went with vasco da gama to explore india’
  • ‘thy booking’
  • ‘saar on map’
  • ‘in bottoms up’
  • ‘i am looking recipies of gobi manjoori’
  • ‘fuk in the beach’
  • ‘famous kids in london’
  • ‘tiger pet india’
  • ‘coorg woman in usa’
  • ‘pav vada’

A small game I play by myself is to try to imagine the searchers face when they search on these words and reach my blog.


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