Hooptedoodle 2 : Spectacles

in which I promised to tuck away all things not tourism, not travel, not food & likely not of interest…

Idly flipping through the Times of India this morning, I came upon the two finalists of the very loud Lead India campaign. Since I have not followed the campaign, I do not have a view on which of the two is a better leader. But gazing at their photos, one similarity struck me. Both had specs.

Among historical oddities scattered across human evolution, an interesting little blip will be the Spectacles. A handlebar ingeniously designed to hold up two pieces of glass across the human eyes, constantly supported by your ears & nose and needing no hands. Come to think of it, this humble optical implement we so take for granted is a pretty cool example of mankind’s ability to find innovative solutions to emerge the winner in the evolution game.

But it is on its way out. Here is my guess. In another 200 years, no one will have the faintest reason to use such crude artifical implements to improve eyesight and the Spectacle would have been relegated to a faint memory lurking only in the depths of flash drives. By that time, one of two scenarios is likely to have happened. One – mankind would have found out infinitely more sophisticated ways to  improve its eyesight. Two – much more likely, mankind would have dispensed with the need for eyesight and figured out smarter ways to ‘sense’.

Of course, either way, I will be dead. Unless of course, they preserve me in Ammonia or some such thing and bring me up a few hundred years later. What I would give for that!


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