On a passenger train from Mangalore to Madgaon on the Konkan Railway

26 stations separate Madgaon from Mangalore on the KR2 passenger. It took me 7 hours and I didnt mind it one bit. And, yes, the KR2 passenger has one reserved compartment and seats allotted are zealously guarded by the TTE. So, go ahead and climb on it the next time you are in the west coast. It is a great journey.

This is a particularly blessed land. As you go north to Goa, you get the sea on your left and masses of open, rolling country on your right. And to make it all very agreeable, the train runs over innumerable rivers and goes through long tunnels that have the exotic smell of damp red laterite soil; the same smell that greeted me in my grandfather’s house deep in the Keralan country, every morning when the dew was fresh on the ground.

And, now for my 10-second primer on the Konkan railway. The four Konkan coastal states (Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka & Kerala) hold 49% and the Indian Railways hold 51% of the Konkan Railway corporation. About 20 odd scheduled passenger trains run on Konkan railway in addition to a number of cargo trains. It has about 1900 bridges and 91 tunnels. The celebrated Mr Sreedharan, who then went to do a number of Metros in urban India, was the first head of the company. His team got the job done in about 7 years time and if other Indian government projects are anything to go by, this verges on the truly miraculous.

Like all big developments, the locals love it and hate it by turn. They love it now, because they can get to Mumbai in 6 hours sitting inside a comfortable dibba as against the pre-Konkan Railway torture of doing up to 3 days by 4 different modes of transport including the bullock-cart. But, alas this convenience brings all those outsiders to their lovely Konkan, which all locals hate. Unless, it is for the money that the outsiders bring, in which case it is ok. Of course, these outsiders have such strange customs, which is a problem. And so it goes..

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2 thoughts on “On a passenger train from Mangalore to Madgaon on the Konkan Railway

  1. Hi, planning our trip to India and curious to know how you can book a seat in the passenger train KR 1? Did you book your ticket directly at Indian railways site?
    thank you for the reply

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