A year on with The Long Hol..

It was exactly a year ago, on the 15th of Jan 2007 that I started this blog. It been fun. Much travel has got documented. Even more of my thoughts around travel have been recorded. I have hopefully moved closer to creating a personal style for my writing. It has certainly improved my understanding of that holy grail of the internet – Search Engine Optimisation. All in all, a nice journey so far. Except, it is starting to take up a fair bit of my early morning everyday.

Very surprisingly for me, this blog is starting to get some serious momentum. Its 3 month Alexa ranking stands at close to 300,000 and the rank for the last one week is 230,000; so it is clearly on a growth path. Alexa also ranks it as India’s 5667th most visited website, which is way cool for a blog started on a whim. I think all the stats seem to suggest that my little blog is probably India’s most visited travel blog. So, someone is reading this stuff I write – actually, more than someone, quite a lot of people. Crazy, isn’t it? (To put this stuff in perspective, the traveller feedback site called oktatabyebye.com, started by Makemytrip with much fanfare and advertising on the MMT homepage, has an Alexa rank today of 297,000 which is in the same ballpark as this blog. More importantly, its weekly Alexa average today is 670,000 which means, its traffic is falling steeply).

All of this success is making my head reel. To retain sanity, here is my vow for the next 12 months. I will continue to focus on telling you about my travels. And about some of the stuff that goes on in my head while I travel. With the occasional digression.

And if visitors continue to flock in, I will be deeply gratified. If not, well, such is life…

Here is the first post I wrote.

And, here are my favourite posts.


6 thoughts on “A year on with The Long Hol..

  1. Congratulations!!! This is a great blog.. keep returning to it, because it’s personal, and yet informative at the same time. And the writing is good too.. 🙂 This is great work..you should be proud!! 🙂

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