Daman & Diu


(Daman & Diu tourism map, courtesy eindiamaps)

In my quest for little known destinations across India, especially beach destinations, I have been pondering about Daman & Diu. Since I haven’t got there yet, checked up the reviews on HolidayIQ for Daman & Diu. Here is the gist.

Go to Daman & Diu largely because it close to Mumbai and Ahmedabad. A big thing there seems to be booze, since it is surrounded by ‘dry’ Gujarat. Travel between Nani Daman & Moti Daman (the 2 parts of the territory) by boat. Check out the beaches. Although the beaches are clean, they are a bit muddy (not sandy) and so might not be great for the usual beach experience. Sea food is good.

There are 39 resorts & hotels listed for Daman & Diu, which came as a bit of a surprise. Cidade De Daman seems to be a popular place to stay.

Not sure this is getting me all excited. But, maybe I will keep it for a rainy day so to speak.

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One thought on “Daman & Diu

  1. You don’t know anything about Daman. Though we are permanently settled in the UK, we miss Daman to bits. Its wit’s landscape, its greenery, the sound of waves calmly hitting the coast: but most important – its people – simple as they are but fully attired in hospitality. The fort, the garden, the beaches, the churches, – all adds to its beauty.

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