Film Festival Tours – vacations for film buffs

I have often wanted to visit film festivals, but one experience with a film festival in Delhi has made me wary of its logistics. The interest is still there. So I was idly wondering whether there is anybody who can give me a vacation tour of the best film festivals and so decided to Google it up. Lo and behold, I found Film Festival Tours in Canada. In their words:

Purchasing and selecting tickets for a film festival can be a challenge, with its lottery system and routinely sold out screenings. But we here at Film Festival Tours take all the hassle out of the process for you. We will work with you to determine your film selection priorities and will attend at the Festival box office as many times as necessary to ensure you get the films you want. That’s the difference being on the ground makes!

Now, why can’t we have a similar provider in India. Modern packaging of tours is a creative exercise in identifying niche interests and packaging them in an interesting way to attract a group of customers. The beauty of special interest groups is that the interest is very sticky and you can get the same customers year after year. It is good for business and it is obviously very good for customers.

All of this started, when I found out a few days ago that Nevada is hosting the Wild and Scenic Film Festival (‘the largest environmental film festival in the United States’). Here is what is on offer – an extract from their site:

  • 120 films, with issues ranging from living with grizzlies to pacific reef sharks; films with subjects varying from the lifecycle of a paper coffee cup in “For the Price of a Cup of Coffee” to the struggle of global warming messengers in “Everything’s Cool”, to an activist rock-club in New York City in “Wetlands Preserved” featuring AniDiFranco, Phish and more.
  • Children’s environmentally-focused fun films on Saturday morning.
  • Ocean explorer Jon Bowermaster and his two new films: “Into the Altiplano” and “Dangerous Archipelago.”
  • Rex Wyler, writer, journalist, ecologist and historian and co-founder of Greenpeace International. He sailed on the first Greenpeace whale campaign and is featured in the film “Greenpeace.”

· World class adventurers like Jeremy Jones, a legend in big-mountain snowboarding with more than 20 action-sports films to his credit, Jones has traveled the globe, from Russia’s Caucasus Mountains to the Chilean Andes, to find the best runs.
· Legendary 92-year old activist Martin Litton, one of the first people to ever float the Grand Canyon, staunch opponent of the Glen Canyon Dam and campaigner for the Redwood National Park.

  • Partnerships with Al Gore’s, and Channel G who will be presenting at a free workshop entitled “How to Leverage the Internet for Environmental Change.”
  • A special live performance of “SeaChange: Reversing the Tide” by Roger Payne and Lisa Harrow. Roger, best-known for discovering the “songs” of humpback whales, appears with his award –winning actress-wife Lisa in a performance on Saturday night, which combines their knowledge of science with the wisdom of poetry.
  • Free workshops led by filmmakers and activists on subjects ranging from dam removal to clean energy.
  • Lots more free events: 12 art shows, wine stroll throughout town, opportunities to meet filmmakers, free parties, music by local musicians and much more.

A similar special interest group is people who like music festivals. Click here to read my posts on music vacations.


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