Mind of the new traveller – dissecting the indian tourist


(Photo of the Taj Mahal, courtesy Incredible India)

There is a tourism doo-dah in Bangalore on Thursday and I have been invited to talk about the ‘Mind of the New Traveller’. Phew, that is a mouthful. Anyway, made me think. Over the last 3 years or so that I have been involved in creating India’s first travel community and getting a lot of feedback from them on HolidayIQ, I think I have got a pretty unique ringside view of the mind of the Indian tourist. Here, in a few short sentences, is the summary of what I see.

  • The new traveller in India is, well, Indian; not a white person aged above 80 years. Wake up; your countrymen are up and about.
  • The new traveller is generally below 40 years and if above that in a purely chronological sense, believes they are below 40 years. Youth is king and please, can we have some ‘Activities’ while on holiday.
  • The new traveller is likely to be from Mumbai / Delhi / Bangalore; but almost equally likely to be from Tinsukia, Jamshedpur or Pathanamthitta. There is a bigger world out there.
  • The new traveller has been around; so ‘home-away-from-home’ is not a unique concept in selling a hotel stay anymore. Hoteliers – get real, get innovative, get serious.
  • The new traveller has almost all things a normal (or even a fairly abnormal) human being needs – from 3BHKs to cars, from blackberrys to ipods. What they are looking for in a holiday is a unique experience.
  • Time is what the new Indian traveller never has enough of. Give them Time. Time with family, time saved in booking, time saved in travel, time to themselves. The battle is already won.
  • The new Indian traveller has a unique vocabulary. They do not like ‘crowdy’ places, but would strongly welcome an ‘attached beach’. Listen to them; they really like that.

There is so much more, but let me keep some for later. I might have more of such speeches to make. But if you want more, here are all my posts on the business of Tourism. If you rather just get some info on planning your next holiday, here is a link to the place from where you can do that.


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