Wayanad in North Kerala


(District map of kerala)

Wayanad is just getting noticed as a major Indian tourism destination. So here is some quick scoop on it.

Wayanad is one of the northern districts of kerala, on its border with Karnataka. It is hilly country with a huge swathe of plantations & estates (particularly coffee estates). The British were the first to really open up this land, laying a strong road network across the ‘high ranges’. The idea was purely economic – the British understood the need to have the roads to bring plantation produce down to the plains of Kerala from where a good railway system (again conceived and built by the British) would transport it in bulk to the nearest deep-water port in Cochin, another John Company creation, from whence it went to England and other parts of Europe. So, Wayanad in its own way mirrored the ancient Keralan connection to global commerce.

Go to Wayanad primarily for a laid back holiday among the extraordinary green canopy of wayanad. I happened to have a nice holiday a couple of years back in Wayanad. Stayed in the family home of an estate owner.

Here are a couple of snaps from my visit to Wayanad.



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2 thoughts on “Wayanad in North Kerala

  1. Unfortunately, Kerala is still undiscovered by me! I guess I will start out with the coastal regions before I make it to Wayanad. 🙂 BTW, Wayanad seems like Coorg is to Karnataka.

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