Bottoms Up

Recently saw a photo of how earth looks from space. The most interesting aspect of it was that it looked upside down to me. For all of us who have been brought up to believe that the north is ‘on top’, the idea that in reality, there is no ‘top’ for the little ball we call home, does not hold water.

But hold it. Far from being hogwash, it is true. All this ‘north is the top’ nonsense started with the world view of ancient European seafarers who used the North Star and the magnetic compass as critical aids in navigating the oceans.

Now with the south rising and the world rumoured to be getting flatter, cartography clearly needs a serious re-look. But, more importantly from my perspective, any serious traveller should carefully look at a map upside down before travelling. Starting from ‘crazy’ perspectives is a great way to get more from your travels. Here is a map to help you do that.


(map from :

And since Australia goes from ‘Down under’ to ‘Up above’, here are all my posts on Australia & NZ vacations. And just in case you are interested, here are posts on my ‘Dream Vacations’.


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