Agatti Island beach Resort in lakshadweep

View of the beach – Agatti Island beach Resort in Lakshadweep


Kayaking in the Agatti lagoon – Agatti Island Beach Resort


The Lakshadweep Islands (the closest sensible firang translation for Lakshadweep is ‘million islands’) is about an hour’s flight into the Indian Ocean from the Kerala coast. Lakshadweep is part of a long chain of islands; the northern part of this chain is known as Lakshadweep and is part of Indian territory. The southern part of this chain is called Maldives and is an independent country.

Agatti island has the only airport for Lakshadweep. Flying into Agatti airport is an experience that I would unhesitatingly recommend for everyone. Imagine dropping down from the blue sky to a little bar of white sand surrounded by the turquoise of a lagoon, this being set off against the deep blue of the mighty Indian ocean. Good for the soul.

Agatti island is a long strip of land; you can see both sides of the island and the sea beyond from practically every point on the island. I wonder what your world view will be if you are born & brought up in a a place like this.

Agatti Beach Resort is the only real option to stay in Lakshadweep. Here is a very good review on this resort given by ‘Sald‘, a member on HolidayIQ. For many more reviews on HolidayIQ for this resort, click here.

Hotel Review of Agatti Island Beach Resort

When booking a room at the reosrt, we did it more out of a lack of options. Agatti is the only affordable resort in Lakshadweep – the other at Bangarm is way too expensive. Even at

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Comments: When booking a room at the reosrt, we did it more out of a lack of options. Agatti is the only affordable resort in Lakshadweep – the other at Bangarm is way too expensive. Even at Agatti, the rooms are not the best I’ve seen for the kind of tariff they have. The rooms are clean. Bathrooms are decent, but they could do with better fittings. Given the island’s remote location, we can forgive the lack of A/Cs., geysers or running fresh water in the bathrooms (yes, you need to brush your teeth with salt water too). But all this is really secondary. Located just ON THE BEACH, you need to hardly spend time in the room. We even had our afternoon siestas in the hammocks tied under the shade of the palm trees. Bilss!!

What makes this resort click is the awesome location. I’ve seen beaches and I’ve seen beach resorts, but being surrounded by a lagoon is something else. The beach and the water are the cleanest I’ve seen anywhere and the resort staff do their best to keep it clean. You could sit on the beach chairs and watch the sea change colours every now and then. The best part is that you can watch both the sunrise and the sunset from the resort. Now that’s unique. Try scheduling your stay around a full moon. A walk on the beach at night is really something.

Among activities, the excursion to Bangaram is a waste of time. Though you pass through some beautiful lagoons on the way. An excursion to Kavaratti or to the musuem of Lakshadweep history in Agatti could be more useful. The glass bottom boat ride is awesome and so is the snorkelling.

The food, though not a lavish spread, is really nice. The staff is courteous, friendly and always more than willing to help.

All in all, a great place to stay.

Best Experience: The glass bottom boat ride and laggon fishing were really great. To see the coral and the colourful fish under the boat is exciting.

Worst Experience: None.

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Beach facing room at Agatti island beach resort – balcony facing the sea.


Sea view from the beach at Agatti island beach Resort



4 thoughts on “Agatti Island beach Resort in lakshadweep

  1. Madhuri – yes, the night in lakshadweep is indeed magical. As I sat next to the softly lapping waves lit faintly by the glow of a wicker lamp, watching industrious crabs carry their shadows back & forth from the water, I thought I saw Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth & Mustardseed. Or maybe, it was just my imagination. Nights in Lakshadweep do that to you.

  2. Will you please tell me the transport cost from Calcutta to Agatti, room rent, fooding and other cost (approx) for 15 days stay ? I am also looking for route map for lakshwadeep.

    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks ,
    Chandrajit Samanta, Bangalore

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