Online booking of train tickets on Konkan Railway


(Mario Miranda’s cartoon for Konkan Railway)

The first line of the online booking page of Konkan Railway reads as follows:

Internet booking is available ONLY to Indians, Foreign nationals and NRIs holding a valid passport.”

Clearly Martians and other riff-raff Aliens cannot hope to hoodwink the Konkan Railway bureaucracy. Equally, NRIs (who are obviously neither Indians nor Foreign Nationals) have to watch their step. I sleep well in the knowledge that our country and our national treasures are well protected, if not by everyone, atleast by the good folks at Konkan Railway.

If you are an Indian, Foreigner or NRI, click here to book your tickets with Konkan Railway.

All others can click here for my Konkan posts or here for all posts on Beach vacations.


3 thoughts on “Online booking of train tickets on Konkan Railway

  1. This is the beautiful picture to “express” the Konkan.
    Really the most beautiful picture is this.

  2. Need to know if you have train, first class frm tivim station to goa on jan 12, 2009 & what time does it leave after 12:00 noon from tivim station and how much is it in us dollars? There will be 4 of us (all adults & we have 2 seniors traveling w/us & we have 2 travel agents too so plz do all possible for good rate).
    Let me know via email ASAP .

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