Crew uniforms – Jet Airways

Earlier this week I flew domestic after quite some time and the first thing I noticed was the new uniforms worn by the Jet crew. The men have it almost unchanged, but the women have a completely new wardrobe. Long yellow jackets with dark blue trousers. So I did a straw poll on how the crew were taking to the new uniforms. All the crew I asked on on my flight liked the new uniforms. The women were quite happy with the fact that they now have trousers. “Easier to work in; better than skirts” was the general refrain. So, clearly that part works. But looks like the canary yellow jackets have not been a great success. I was told that those are probably being changed to a maroon colour. (In true news media style, this is BREAKING NEWS – & I must remind you that you heard it here first!).

For whatever it is worth, here is my two-cents to Jet Airways. Guys, yellow & blue is nice. Why don’t you just flip it around so that the yellow is inside and peeps out of lapels and sleeves. That way, you get a nice working colour and you get those flashes of brightness too. Anyway, I think maroon will be a bad idea.

While on the subject of crew uniforms, here is a Youtube video that explains why Cathay Pacific is clothing its crew in uniforms of yesteryears. Check it out.


2 thoughts on “Crew uniforms – Jet Airways

  1. I think the new uniforms are visually appealling! They look bright and attractive. However, I have noticed that they usually take off the jackets after they have boarded all the passengers which is an additional step they have to perform with the new uniforms. Maroon, I agree, will be a bad idea.

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