Shucking Oysters in Sydney

Have I told you why Sydney is among my top 3 cities anywhere? Well, there are a number of reasons. But a mildly sentimental one is the fact that I got news of being promoted to the Big P in KPMG while on a business trip there. And I recollect a small party thereafter at the Sydney Harbour that involved slurping down a large number of Oysters, very lightly laced with the mildest of lime juice. Very nice.

And when I was not being cruel to aquatic fauna, I also spent time eating in the various restaurants ringing Sydney harbour. I even recollect hitting an Indian joint – if I remember right, it was called Zaffaran. Mildly pretentious but decent enough food.

Coming back to Oysters, one of my residual ambitions in life is to figure out how to shuck oysters. Google tells me that this is a lot more involved than I thought. So I better start soon.

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