Hong Kong : Disneyland vs Ocean Park


All those who travel to Hong Kong with kids will have to face this one. Which should be a higher priority – Ocean Park, the older amusement park or Disneyland, the scion of a more famous family? Here is my take, having done this with two kids in tow a couple of weeks ago.

If you have younger kids, shoot for Disneyland first. If your kids are bit older (say 12+), Ocean Park is a better first stop. Ocean Park is a lot more outdoorsy, has a few scary rides (check out the Abyss), a really nice 3-level aquarium called the Atoll Reef and puts on a cool Dolphin & Sea lion show twice everyday. If the weather is good, this is a great (however, if the Hong Kong sun is out in force, the kids are likely to get exhausted fast). Hong Kong Disney on the other hand is more compact and has more stuff inside air conditioned comfort, allowing you to beat the normally sultry weather. The highlights of Disney are the various shows they put on. Do not miss Mickey’s Philarmagic & the Golden Mickey.

On the whole, if you have time, do both. This will keep the kids quiet when you go on your shopping rampage.

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3 thoughts on “Hong Kong : Disneyland vs Ocean Park

  1. Yeah! Philharmagic was really amazing! I also said in my blog that visit both if you have time or money but if you don’t it is better to go to Ocean park–that is, if weather permits! Nice Blog here! 🙂

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