Silvermine Bay Beach


Here is the confession : an out-of-the-closet beachaholic like me can simply never have his fill of littoral landscapes. So last week I hit a number of beaches in Hong Kong The pick of the lot was in Lantau which is one of the outlying islands of Hong Kong. Took a placid 50 minute ferry ride among the Hong Kong islands to reach Silvermine Bay Beach. Unfortunately the first sight you see as you walk off the pier in Lantau is a McDonalds. But give time and the calm little island grows on you. The beach in Lantau is picturesque. If you are keen to float in a kayak in the south china sea ringed by green mountains with only the sound of small waves for company, this is the place to go. And the fact that the silvermine bay beach is just next to Canton’s quaintest ‘cooked food market’ makes the experience just that bit more edgy.

Here are links to two of my other recent beach visits :

Swimming with turtles – Caribbean

Watching the whales – Australia


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