Go Goa : the Beaches of Goa

It is now official – Goa is the biggest vacations spot for Indian domestic tourists. Over the last 3 years HolidayIQ has been tracking its members & users who are amongst the most ardent holiday-goers in India and the data is clear & unambiguous. Goa gets more domestic holiday-goers than any other single location.

HolidayIQ lists 18 Goan destinations for tourists, from the ever-popular Calangute beach to the lesser known Varca beach to the secret Chapora & Palolem beaches. HolidayIQ also has a free downloadable Guide to Goa’s Beaches which you can get here.


Click here to get this guide>>


4 thoughts on “Go Goa : the Beaches of Goa

  1. Doesn’t surprise me. Since I moved to Pune, Goa’s the nearest ‘cool’ destination to vacation in. The resorts are destinations in their own rights in addition to the beaches, night-spots and beachside seafood eating places.

  2. I liked Goa, but I was there for the food and history, not the beaches. However, if I were going on holiday, I’d probably pick Kerala over Goa. Get a houseboat and cruise the backwaters. Lovely way to travel.

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