Hooptedoodle 1 : Causes

in which I promised to tuck away all things not tourism, not travel, not food & likely not of interest…

The Times of India is calling me to ‘Lead India’, my next-door neighbour wants us to rise up in revolt against fast food and almost everyone wants me to protect Nature. All I know is this. In twenty years time, every one of these pre-occupations will have gone away, to be replaced by strident calls for other things. Not that any of these causes are unjustified or irrelevant. Just that, the amazing process called Change will inevitably bring with it new causes to fight for & relegate the earlier ones to a nostalgic few. My relief comes in the certainity that I can have no conception of these future battles.

Thirty five years ago, the western-world was rocked by the hippie movement & flower-power. It was a fight against the immoral materialism of the 50s generation in America & from all accounts it was a great, raucous, revelry of a battle that you just had to join. I remember reading a very perceptive piece many years later that the single biggest cause of the rise of the flower-power movement, was the spread of credit cards. Armed with credit cards handed out by indulgent & rich parents, the young generation was well equipped to lead the revolution against crass consumption. And of course, the leaders of that hippie-generation ended up running investment banks & technology companies.



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