New cabins in the A380

The A380 can seat over 550 people. But, as usual, the really lucky ones will be in the first class & business class cabins. Here are some photos of possible seating configurations in the premium classes of the A380 + a few common areas. All photos are from Airbus. I am definitely going to get on to an early flight.






4 thoughts on “New cabins in the A380

  1. The airlines are keeping their cabin designs for the A380 pretty much under wraps. BTW, have you seen the new Business Class and First Class cabins on Singapore Airlines? I have a post from earlier this year that has some pics, etc.

  2. Traveller – Yes, I have seen it. Incidentally, my impression is that BA took the lead on flat-beds in Business Class. I remember flying a flat-bed configuration in BA Business Class on Mumbai-London in 2001 or 2002. Am I right or did somebody else beat BA to it?

  3. Well, I travelled in BA’s ‘flat bed’ too when they were first introduced, but got the backward facing seat, which I hated! Also the seats were flat but very narrow. I think the new Singapore Air seats are the most comfortable, followed by Cathay and then Lufthansa. Will be checking out Virgin Atlantic later this month when I fly to London for my family vacation; I have heard great things about this one too 🙂

  4. Great – eagerly wait to get your report on Virgin. Incidentally, I recently flew Thai and noticed that they had no backward facing flat-beds. So, are those now finally out, or are there still airlines that have those?

    Incidentally, I am seriously nostalgic about the days of sitting facing backward on all those train journeys of my childhood. Especially on the non-ac, ‘first class’ compartments which I still think is the best way to wander. Unfortunately, one sees less and less of them on our Railways.

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