Online booking : Travelocity vs HotelClub

I booked all my hotels online, sitting at my desk in Bangalore, for my recent Australia trip. 2 hotels in Sydney on Travelocity and one place in Byron bay on Hotelclub. Here is the analysis.

The great thing is about Travelocity is that they have an India site, with prices quoted in INR. I have a suspicion they also have “Indian” (read : cheaper) prices for a few hotels to attract the Indian market. Also, it was comforting to have a Delhi/Gurgaon phone number to call if needed. The booking was smooth – even the second Sydney hotel I did just 3 days before stay. But when I landed up at the second hotel (Oaks Maestri Towers, in Sydney), the reception informed me that thy had no record of my booking. One serious negative strike against Travelocity. Fortunately, they had vacant rooms and I got a a free upgrade. But this will make me do some double-checking with the hotel the next time I use Travelocity. I would say Travelocity gets a 70% approval rating.

HotelClub had a few options for Byron Bay, whereas Travelocity had practically none (in fact Travelocity did not have Byron bay listed as a separate destination). The booking process on HotelClub was smooth too and there were no hiccups in getting the booked accommodation. But of course, HotelClub is not a India site & does not have an India contact centre. Also, I would have liked it if HotelClub could have had a few more options listed. On the whole, HotelClub gets a 75% approval rating from me.


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