Best Hotels by Travel + Leisure : Where is Aman?

Another ‘Best Of’ list. Travel + leisure magazine has announced the best of tourism for 2007. Included are the Best Hotels, Best Cities, Best Islands, Best Airlines, Best Cruises, Best Car-rentals, Best Tour Operators and so on.

The big Indian story of course is that the Oberoi Udaivilas comes in as the Best Hotel in the world. The really interesting news for the cognoscenti is the absence of any Aman Resort in the World’s top 100 list for 2007. Intrigued, I checked out the 2006 list – Amanpuri had come in at a low 72nd rank last year. Is this a reflection on the properties of Aman or on the readers of T+L?


2 thoughts on “Best Hotels by Travel + Leisure : Where is Aman?

  1. T&L’s best lists are voted on my people who get the magazine, so it’s limited to places they’ve been. I find it vaguely interesting but unreliable. For example, I went to a restaurant once that T&L had listed as the best in the country, but it was a huge disappointment. I mean, it might have been pleasant enough without the build up — and perhaps if I’d been on expense account, as I suspect most dining there were — but for the price and the advertising, I was expecting a great restaurant, not merely an adequate and slightly pretentious one.

    So in other words, the short answer to your question is “it reflects the readers of T&L.”

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