Airway aesthetics

I am increasingly struck by the distinct difference in the aesthetics of the two good domestic airlines, Jet & Kingfisher. Jet is blue & slim. Kingfisher is red & round. And, before I get lynched by all & sundry, let me quickly explain.

Jet airways uses the colour blue all over itself. From aircraft tails to the seats in Club Premiere to crew uniforms, Jet has appropriated the calming, corporate blue for itself. Kingfisher on the other hand has a bright red that nobody will ever miss – on the massive lettering of their name to the red buses on the tarmac to crew uniforms.

Jet goes for the sleek look, almost like the 90s BMW – in fact, I think that this sleekness fetish has been a subliminal point in their selection of Boeing aircraft. Kingfisher on the other hand has a slightly roly-poly, happy countenance (like the 2000s BMW) & I am convinced that subconscious considerations of aesthetic played a role in them selecting the chunkier Airbus aircraft over the leaner Boeings.

Next time you fly, check out this difference. You will probably find out that this can be applied to many more aspects of these two airlines.

The Indian skies are ablaze with colour and with a small a flight of fancy you can see a war brewing between Billy Bunter & Stan Laurel in the skies over India.


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